How to Increase Traffic to Your Blog | Top Tips to Generate Traffic

How to Increase Traffic to Your Blog

With easy to use sites like WordPress, Wix, Gator, Blogger and Squarespace, creating and maintaining your blog has never been easier. But, the major challenge lies in getting people to read your amazing content. So, in this post I’m going to show you how to increase traffic to your blog!

To clarify, the best blog in the world is no use to anyone if they can’t find it.

So, this post looks at the top tips for generating traffic and building your audience without being a marketing guru.

In case you don’t have a blog yet, read how to create your own blog in 20 minutes. Still need hosting? Get it today for cheaper price!

Tip # 1 – Increase Traffic to Your Blog by Understanding Your Audience

Increase Traffic to Your Blog by Understanding Your Audience

If you don’t know who your blog is for then you need to ask yourself why you are doing it in the first place.

To generate traffic, you need to understand what it is that motivates your potential reader base. Ask yourself some questions like:

  • What problems are your audience facing that you can solve?
  • What kind of content are they looking for? (video, text, images)
  • How are they likely to be looking for answers?

As well as this, no doubt you will have traits in your head such as age, gender or location of your audience.

Different demographics will engage with different types of content, so you need to know what they look like before embarking on your curation.

You need to remember that your audience won’t find you overnight so don’t get despondent if it takes days, weeks or months to start seeing traffic.

If you are focused and targeted, it will happen.  

Tip # 2 – Get More Traffic to Your Blog by Researching Your Content

Get More Traffic to Your Blog by Researching Your Content

Quality content is a vital ingredient for search engine optimization (SEO).

If you have relevant information that your target audience want to see, they will search for it and you will rank higher on the likes of Google or Bing.

Every page of your blog has the potential to rank on search engines so they all need to have high quality information for maximum impact.

You should post regularly, continually update and reuse any old pages if they are still relevant and delete anything that might not be useful anymore.

In a fast-moving world, things can change quickly. More pages = more traffic.

High quality content usually comes from good keyword research, finding terms that your competitors aren’t using but your readers want to know about.

Tip # 3 – Generate Traffic to Your Website by Finding Relevant Keywords

Generate Traffic to Your Website by Finding Relevant Keywords

To generate more traffic to your website you need a quality content. So, quality content is based on finding the right keywords.

Moreover, you should do this before you even start writing. This will help to ensure what you are writing about is trending on Google and what the potential reach might be.

Keywords should be added in blog titles, URLs, within posts, meta-descriptions and headers.

There are some old-fashioned techniques which just loaded pages with keywords in an attempt to manipulate search engines.

Google will now blacklist sites that do this so instead, focus on the quality rather than quantity and traffic will come organically.

Tip # 4 – Optimize Your Blog to Increase Traffic to Your Blog

Optimize Your log to Increase Traffic to Your Blog

Above all, if you want to increase traffic to your blog you should optimize it. For instance, there are several facets to ensure your blog is optimized.

Firstly, make sure you fix any errors like broken images or links. If users experience a technical error, they will soon go elsewhere.

Platforms like WebCEO offer free scanning tools to find error so make use of them.

In terms of getting visitors to the blog, images and videos should be optimized so they don’t take an age to load and they are relevant and engaging.

Moreover, you should load images and videos lazily on demand (I use custom scripts for that, if you need some, just send me an email). Other tools I use:

  • Smush for images optimization
  • WebP express for images conversion
  • Yoast SEO for SEO optimization
  • Fast Velocity Minify for cashing resource

Mobile users will only give you about 4 seconds for the site to load on average before navigating away.

Images should be small size but good resolution and fit on the screen so visitors don’t need to scroll.

Any filenames for images and videos should include your keywords and be shareable. One of the most valuable tools for blogs is getting likes, shares and follows.

If your attributes cannot be shared, you are losing a chunk of potential traffic.

Reduce the number of requests on blog pages to increase the overall loading speed. Keep them simple with just the necessary elements.

Remember, Google’s algorithms now rank on mobile speed an optimization making page performance doubly important.

Tip # 5 – Generate Traffic to Your Blog by Trying Some Link Bait

Generate Traffic to Your Blog by Trying Some Link Bait

It would be quite easy to post nice looking articles about your topic of choice on the blog and stick to it. You will get some readers but where is the “wow” factor?

Link bait refers to those posts that are deliberately creative and offer unique and interesting facts that are generally unexpected and generates traffic to your blog.

For example, why is somebody going to read your blog post about something somebody else has already written about?

On occasions, think about creative and unique content that hasn’t been done before and will make you stand out.

For instance, this could be a video that shows your personality or a controversial article to provoke opinion from the readers.

In addition, competitions and free offers help to mix up the content too. Strong link bait will generate backlinks on other blogs (they link to your site) and improve your search engine ranking and therefore, traffic.

Tip # 6 – Promote Your Blog Everywhere

Promote Your Blog Everywhere

There are so many channels out there to promote your work. For instance, social media has a huge reach and if you have something that people want to read, your blog can quickly become popular.

In addition, depending on the platform you might need to vary your content and language.

For example, Instagram has a much younger audience than Facebook so you may only want to post on the one where your target audience resides.

For instance, in my case I have promoted my blog on Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and Quora.

Final Words

Above all, I am hoping this post will have provided a comprehensive look at increase traffic to your blog. So, if you have followed the steps your blog should get more traffic month by month.

To conclude, people are not going to automatically come to you, and it is important you take the time to research keywords, create quality content, fully optimize your and promote your blog.

If you know who your audience are, what motivates them and where to find them, alongside unique and effective information, traffic will take care of itself.

But, in case you don’t have your own blog yet, read step by step guide how to create your own blog.

If you find this post useful, please share it! It costs you nothing, and it feels great for us! Thank you!

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