Affiliate Marketing Training | How To become A SUPER Affiliate!

In this affiliate marketing training post I’m gonna show you exactly how to become a super affiliate. So, you will learn how to make money online with affiliate marketing.

In case, you don’t know what a Flair marketing is and how does affiliate marketing work.

In a nutshell, it’s when you take somebody else’s product and you promote that product for a commission. You get a percentage, usually around about 50%.

So, if you sell a product for $200 you will be getting $100 for selling that product.

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One of the main benefits of affiliate marketing is that you promote other people’s products so you don’t need to hold a stock of products of your own.

In this article I’m gonna show you exactly how to became a super affiliate promoting one particular product. I will highlight you the marketing strategy that you can use to get more commissions. I’m going to share this with you right now right here.

However, if you’re experienced in affiliate marketing. I guarantee, this is going to help you understand it more and how you can leverage this to get more commissions in your affiliate business.

So What is About Affiliate Marketing Training

Affiliate Marketing Training

Alright, I’ve got a fair bit of affiliate marketing experience and I am going to share some of my own strategy.

So, what we’re going to be mainly talking about in this particular post is a product called ClickFunnels. Which is a product that’s really great for promoting. Mainly, because a lot of people use it and they’re going to be using it for a super long time.

ClickFunnels is a software product that you can use to manage your business. It will provide anything business related such as sending emails, creating landing pages, webinars, e-commerce pages and funnels.

By the way, I have a great post about ClickFunnels. Read it, if you want to learn more about this awesome tool.

For instance, when people have an online business they need something like ClickFunnels. Accordingly you can promote it and get a commission.

Most people online gonna be needing this software. So I’m gonna be mainly talking about ClickFunnels and how to promote it.

You can even win the ClickFunnels dream car competition. They will give you money for a car each month.

Win the ClickFunnels dream car competition

Why do I like ClickFunnels

Funnels Made Me Money

Why do I like to promote ClickFunnels, it’s a monthly recurring income. This means an income comes every single month. You will get $38 per trial plus there’s other programs that we’ll be looking at in a second.

ClickFunnels is a software so it’s got long retention. This means people stay and use it for a longer time. However, a lot depends on how you go about promoting it. As long as people stay and use ClickFunnels you will get commissions.

By the way, I have written a complete review of how to make money with ClickFunnels. Read it if you want to know more.

List of the products (but not all) you find on ClickFunnels that you can promote and get Big commissions:

  • 10X Secrets Masterclass Products
  • 30 Day Summit
  • FREE Trial
  • Perfect Webinar Secrets
  • Free Books (Cookbook, DotComSecrets, ExpertSecrets)
  • Funnel University

So there’s lots of things you can promote with the ClickFunnels. It’s something a lot of people need and they have a thing called the sticky cookies.

But, if you need more ideas on how you can make money with ClickFunnels read this post.

ClickFunnels Sticky Cookie

Love Sticky Cookie

The sticky cookie is what makes promoting ClickFunnels amazing. So, the sticky cookie is quite cool. What happens is that if you send someone to a funnel page, ClickFunnels leaves a sticky cookie.

If people come back six months later or a year later and make a purchase you get that commission. The good thing about the sticky cookie and ClickFunnels is a super long retention.

For instance, ClickFunnels has a thing called free eBooks. You can go and give away a free book (see above) to your email list to your friends on your Facebook on your YouTube or wherever you’re getting your traffic from. And people go and put their email to get the book.

You don’t make any money at this point but, let’s say a week later or two weeks later ClickFunnels start sending out emails to this people and if they make a buy you will get a big commission.

Essentially, it is that sticky cookie that means you will still receive a commission on that sale.

Affiliate Marketing Training | Problem Estimation

Affiliate Marketing Problem Estimation

One of the biggest problem in online business is people are doing paid advertising. Everyone’s running Google ads or Facebook ads and fighting for the same thing; there is a lot of competition out there.

Most people are paying around about $100 plus to get someone on to the ClickFunnels trial. However, I usually spend under $60, and I don’t know anybody else doing this now. Everyone’s fighting for their piece of the pie.

Affiliate Marketing Training | My Marketing Strategy

My Marketing Strategy

The most essential part of my marketing strategy is offering something people want and need. For instance, I’m offering training to people within a niche.

In this particular case this is an online business niche affiliate marketing training. I offer a free training session, 100% free of charge + full bonus pack.

The aim of the training to get people to sign up and teach them how they can use ClickFunnels to make money and get recurring commissions. After this I can advertise to them as well.

To do this I have created an opt-in page where people can come and sign in to the training. Next, I send training sessions to them. I do this 4 day in a row. Inside of this training sessions people will be learning everything they should know about how to make money online.

Training sessions show literally how to make money using ClickFunnels. But to make money they have to get a ClickFunnels trial first. Once this is done, they email me and I give them the affiliate marketing funnel that I have already created within the ClickFunnels.

Moreover, I give them my awesome bonus pack. Which includes email swipes, training’s, funnels and more.

Why I do all of this stuff

That’s simple, at this stage they have signed up to use ClickFunnels and because I’m training them to use the program and make it work for them they stay for a longer period of time.

For instance, I give them the tools they need to make it work. Because I want them to succeed and stay on the trial for a longer amount of time.

Basically I’m saying to those who sign up, “Hey you can start a business , you can use ClickFunnels and make money”. They stay for a long time to learn how to do this.

So, that, in a nutshell, is my marketing strategy. As simple as that : )

Free Affiliate Marketing Training

Free Affiliate Marketing Training

Above all, I do have a free training that will take you through how to become a super affiliate. You can click the link below, this is completely 100% free.

You’ll be taken through 4 days of training. And I will share with you the funnel used inside of the training. Next, you’ll also get an invitation to the exclusive affiliate club where people are actually already posting results from the training.

So here is what you will be learning…

  • #1: How To Generate $100-$1000 Per Day Online Even If You’re Completely New.
  • #2: How To Become A SUPER Affiliate Even If You’ve Failed Multiple Times Before…
  • #3: Over My Shoulder Training Where You Learn The Exact Process To Build profitable sales funnels
  • #4: Your 90 day Game-Pan To Generate $4000+/Month

Moreover, as a bonus, I will share my best funnels with you + awesome bonus pack! You can use it, change it, share with your leads to make money! So, go ahead and give it a try!

Final Words

In conclusion, the way you make money on ClickFunnels is a really simple and easy, and there is more than one method:

  • The first way is get people onto the ClickFunnels trial by doing offering them a done-for-you affiliate marketing tutorial package and a funnel.
  • The next way you can make money on ClickFunnels is by promoting their products.
  • Other way is by giving people free eBooks and receiving commission’s whenever they buy something via ClickFunnels. Sticky cookie!

However, the best way is getting people to sign up for the ClickFunnels trial.

Thanks for reading the post and please be sure to let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

If you would like to know more about getting a passive income, take a look at my Passive Income Ideas post where I will show you some of my personal favorite ideas for getting a passive income stream underway.

If you find this post useful, please share it! It costs you nothing, and it feels great for us! Thank you!

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