Email Service Providers | The Best Top 5 For Personal Or Business Needs

Email service providers

Hi, in this post I’m going to compile the list of email service providers, the best top 5 for personal or business needs.

No doubt, the importance of email services in our everyday lives cannot be over emphasized, whether for our personal or business use. Despite the modern day social network buzz, email still remains the core of business communication on the internet.

Email Service Providers: Why It Is important?

So, as a business owner your email is essential as it is how you communicate with clients, employees, and business associates. You also need your email for job recruitment, file transfer, networking, setting reminders and so much more.

Therefore it’s important that you evaluate the best email services available and pick the right one that suits you needs. Setting up an email account is quite easy, but getting the email account that’s right for you is the hard part.

There are so many factors to put into consideration when choosing a mail service provider.

Lots of people are satisfied with their current email service provider that they fail to consider the offerings of other email service providers despite occasional hiccups and challenges experienced.

Firstly, few things to look out for from an email service provider are, the effectiveness of the spam filter, user-friendly interface, size of storage space, security, ease in organizing your inbox, mobile access and accessibility of account from other email clients.

Above all, I understand it is difficult to find a free email service provider that balances usability with the right features. Therefore, in this article I have put together a list of the best and top 5 email service providers around today.

I have also gone through the trouble of highlighting few important features you need to know about them.

In case you need an email platform that enables businesses to engage in email marketing campaigns. With different tools, such as CRM, landing pages, forms, email automation, newsletters, webinar hosting and more.

So, I have done a review of one of the best bulk email service for you.

Top 5 Email Service Providers

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1.  Gmail

This Googles webmail giant needs no introduction. It is arguably one of the most popular and the best free email service provider at the moment. Since its launch in 2004, gmail has grown to become the market leader in free email service having over a billion users across the globe.

Because,Gmail features a user-friendly interface, offering 15GB of free storage space and a powerful spam feature to keep your inbox junk free. In addition, with Gmail’s advanced filter, your messages are neatly organized and grouped for easy viewing, and you can read and reply messages with ease.

It also has a built in chat, google hangout, allows you voice and video chat other gmail users. Gmail has an intuitive calendar, just like most other email that allows you set email and reminders.

Moreover, Gmail offers strengthened security such as two-step verification making your account less likely to be hacked. Certainly, Gmail offers a paid business version which allows you to customize your email name on your email address (

All these and many more features and its excellent service makes Gmail an obvious top pick for an email provider.

2.  Outlook

Outlook is Microsoft’s new and reinvented email service. It offers 15 GB of free storage space along a tidy user interface and a simple preview pane. Outlook also offers advance feature Clutter, which filters emails, finding low priority emails and separating them from your inbox.

Automatically adding events such as flights, dinner reservations and meeting dates to your calendar for easy reminder. These calendars are easy to share with other Outlook users. Another great feature of this service provider is its ability to undelete or recover an email after you accidentally discarded it.

Outlook also offers a unique feature of multiple app integrations which allows it connects many different platforms. Thereby, enabling you to connect Skype, Facebook, PayPal, Uber, PowerPoint, Evernote and much more.

Furthermore, Outlook also uses two-step verification which makes it harder for hackers to gain access to your account. Upgrading to the paid version gets you an ad-free inbox, 50 GB mail storage, professional message formatting tool, phone or chat-based support and more.

3.  Yahoo! Mail

Yahoo was one of the first internet companies, dating back to 1994. It is very popular with many users although it doesn’t make headlines much, these days. The new yahoo mail offers a polished and professional service which makes it stand among the best free email service available today.

Yahoo offers a mailbox storage capacity of 1 TB. It also allows you send up to 50 files or 100 MB file size in a single mail. The interface resembles that of Gmail with a large view of your inbox.

Mails are automatically sorted, lower priority messages are organized into a separate folder. In addition it offers a built-in web search tool, calendar, notepad and auto deletion of trash messages after 90 days.

With Yahoo business plan you avail more features, the highlight of is an option to customize your domain (

4.  Zoho Mail

This is one of the new fast emerging email services that’s making waves today. Established in 2008, it has quickly developed into one of the top email service provider with over 10 million users. Zoho is a business oriented email service that is aimed at professionals.

Zoho’s free plan offers you up to 25 users with 25 GB of mail storage capacity for each. It also features a calender, task manager, notes, instant chat, antivirus protection and spam filtering.

This service is easy to use, and it offers ad free web with the ability to customize your domain name for the 25 connected addresses ( even for free users.

In addition Zoho offers a standard plan that gets IMAP and POP access, email forwarding, multiple domain hosting, 30 GB storage and 30 MB attachment limit. All these attractive features are what makes Zoho the preferred choice for small businesses.

5.  Proton Mail

This Swiss-based email service provider puts privacy at the forefront. So, this makes it a good choice for people who send and receive sensitive information. Proton is dedicated to providing important features to secure your data online.

You can sign up on Proton anonymously and enjoy end to encryption, open source cryptography, SSL secured connections and more.

Proton inbox interface is easy to understand like all other mail providers and it is available on all mobile platform. Offering a small storage space of 500 MB and you are allowed to send just 150 mails per day.

Furthermore, an upgrade to the Proton plus account gives you 5 GB storage space, ability to send up to 1000 mails per day, and you can customize your domain (

Email Service Providers: Final Words

In conclusion, that wraps up our list of the top 5 email service providers. Each with its benefits that fits the needs of certain users.

So, the next time you are thinking of opening a mail, be sure to explore all options and choose the service provider that offers those features that meets your needs.

Above all, I use Gmail. However, I have a question for you: What email service provider do you use?

If you find this post useful, please share it! It costs you nothing, and it feels great for us! Thank you!

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