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In a tech-driven world like ours today, the importance of marketing in the success of a business cannot be overstated. Since antiquity, the bottom line for every business is profit making. That is why – if you don’t inform consumers of your existing products; attract, promote, and convince them of how your services are of value to them, how do you expect to make those expected sales?

Although your brand might offer the best and most products and highly beneficial services. But, if no one is aware of its existence, you sure will not make any sales. As a result, without marketing, businesses will fail to exist. Because of this, most businesses have resorted to engaging the best bulk email service as part of their marketing option.

So, if you want to know what is the best email blast service for making a profit you want to jump into this post.

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Best Bulk Email Service: Email marketing

Indeed, in recent years we owe a debt of gratitude to advancements in technology. As a result, more and more marketing channels continue to spring up by the day. Thus creating more avenues for businesses to showcase all they have. To offer and reach out to their potential customers with ease.

Usually through email marketing campaigns, your leads are aware of and most importantly, know where to find you if they need your products and services. More than that, trust is built. Therefore if your business has a good reputation then you are in for some profit making. Of course, if clients are satisfied with your services, they sure will spread the word. Thereby leading to increased sales, further translating into more profit realization.

So, as the first online marketing channel, one may wonder – Do people still read emails? Okay Let’s rephrase that – have you read one today? If yes then no doubt, millions of persons still hit their mails. Regardless of these fast-paced changes in technological trends. One marketing channel is never going down the drain and that is email marketing! As a result, daily, on average, dozens to hundreds of emails hit in boxes.

Why is email marketing important?

To begin with, email marketing is firmly one of the best digital marketing strategies for attracting and retaining customers. Not only marketing your products and services. Email can also allow you create targeted and personalized messages, for instance. Thus, that will in turn build meaningful relationships between you and your customers/prospective customers.

Generally, an email marketing campaign is designed in such a way, that a coordinated set of messages are delivered at intervals. Following a design to influence subscriber action, compel to buy, sign up, follow, download, you mention it. Above all, for a successful email marketing campaign, it is pertinent to look out for the best bulk email service provider such as GetResponse.

Best Bulk Email Service: GetResponse

That is to say, GetResponse is an email marketing platform that enables businesses to engage in email marketing campaigns for multiple clients. Moreover, it consists of a broad plethora of tools. As a result, it makes for efficient handling of email campaigns from importing mail listings to creating newsletters, sending automated emails, analyzing campaign statistics, using drag-and-drop tools, and lots more.

In addition to email marketing, Getresponse also supports webinar hosting, customer relationship management (what is CRM), landing pages, forms, surveys, and automation. However, e-commerce tools (available to pro plan and higher).

Why GetResponse Is The Best Bulk Email Service?

Email marketing has never been easier

The fate of thousands of emails is either “trash” or “unread”. This is because most mails today are so stale right from the first glance and consumers tag them irrelevant upon sight. With GetResponse landing pages, newsletters, forms, and surveys you can easily create bulk emails that will engage a large client base availing awesome results.

In fact, this app provides professionally designed email templates (over 500 to choose from). So, you can create attention-grabbing and brilliant emails that will buy you a click and extension conversion. Also, these templates can easily be tweaked
(use drag and drop functionality) , take for instance the fonts, and layout. Of course, you can also easily design your HTML email template (they have an HTML redactor as well). Try it now, get your FREE trial! No credit card is required.

In addition, Getresponse also offers a responsive email design feature, where e-newsletters are automatically adjusted and optimized after the device the user is viewing from. This is awesome!


So, for a platform that offers one of the best bulk email services. GetResponse has the most competitive prices when compared to its competitors. The pricing plan
is made up of three categories namely – email, pro, and max. Within each group, there are subcategory plans, giving users the avenue to choose plans that best suit their budget.

  • The email plan:  From $15 /mo for up to 1000 subscribers to $450 for up to 100,000 subscribers
  • The pro plan: From $49 /mo for up to 5000 subscribers to $490 for up to 100,000 subscribers
  • The max plan: From $165 /mo for up to 10000 subscribers to $580 for up to 100,000 subscribers

The plan you choose will depend on your own needs – the size of your business, the amount of website visitors you have, and how many subscribers you expect.

So, those are the three basic plans. However, if you have a client base of above 100,000 GetResponse has an “enterprise plan”. From $1199 /mo. It’s meant for businesses seeking scalable, high-performance solutions. However, with this, you will contact GetResponse to schedule and discuss pricing in detail.

Above all, GetResponse offers an 18% discount if you pay the full year upfront, and this goes up to 30% if you pay 2 years in advance.

Now The Best Blast Email Service Has Social Ads Creator

The easiest way to create animated social media ads! Of course, you can achieve great things with email. However, we can now pump up your social media marketing! With the new Social Ads Creator feature, you can send your page views through the roof with stunning, animated ads you can create on your phone in no time. The best part? It’s now free for all GetResponse users! Give it a try right now!


GetResponse is also fashioned with a host of tools that support auto-response to emails. These autoresponders are automated e-newsletters that are sent to subscribers at intervals. For instance, you can set up an autoresponse email to be sent immediately after a person signs up for your service. The first mail may be an activation mail, followed by a welcome mail. Next, a message asking clients to follow you on social media for useful tips and information about your product or service. Followed by a next mail offering a special discount and lots more.

Truly, GetResponse offers the best autoresponder tool I have used. It is designed in such a way that you can either activate an action-based or a time-based response. The latest autoresponder functionality is the “Marketing Automation” feature. Here, you seamlessly create a customized user journey by setting up an automation flowchart. That instructs Getresponse on the next line of action following a user’s action (e.g. if a user clicks on a certain link etc). I love this functionality!

User friendly

When it comes to usability, Getresponse is a very easy-to-use (try it NOW for FREE!) and straightforward application. You can do all from importing contacts to creating campaigns, and newsletters, setting up autoresponders, and lots more. On a very simple user interface. Finding certain functionality is pretty much an easy trick.

Also, when it comes to user functionality. The “email plan” offers access to only one user account. The pro plan and max plan offer 3 and 5 user accounts. Enterprise, on the other hand, offers 10 user accounts. 


This platform offers top-notch email analytics and reporting options. With this feature, you can evaluate the open rate, click-through rate, and unsubscribe rates of your campaign. With these reports, you can easily organize, to work out a more effective plan. These features include:

  • One-click segmentation. Here you can identify people who did not engage with the e-newsletter sent. You simply can email them again with another version of the newsletter.
  • Email ROI. A more advanced option that lets you track your ROI. Here, you can add sales tracking codes to each post-sale page on their site. With this, you can ascertain whether or not your email campaign is driving sales. 
  • Metrics over time. With this feature, you can easily keep track of and take into insight times when your subscribers take action on mails.
  • User information. This feature enables you access information such as subscriber’s location (where they signed up from), emails they opened and lots more.

Final Words

There are so many things that make email marketing a perfect choice for every business whether small or large scale. But most important is its cost effective nature. With platforms such as GetResponse that offers the best email blast service. So, landing a large client base is just a sign-up away.

Still in doubt about the service? As an option, you can avail a 30-day free trial plan available to subscribers. It offers a remarkable, fully functional 1000 subscribers. GetResponse offers a free course. So, they will teach you how to grow your list in 90 days for free.

Thanks for reading through this entire post. Let me know what you think in the comments. By the way if you need something that GetResponse doesn’t have read mailing services post. There I compare ClickFunnels and GetResponse.

In case you need some good email provider for you personal or business needs. But, you don’t need an automation tool and all those awesome stuff that gives GetResponse. Feel free to read “Email Service Providers | The Best Top 5 For Personal Or Business Needs” post.

However, I use GetResponse and I love it. But what is your favorite email blast service?

If you find this post useful, please share it! It costs you nothing, and it feels great for us! Thank you!

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